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Introducing popular spots for sightseeing,
dining and shopping in Osaka

Our hotel offers easy access to downtown areas such as Abeno Harukas, Namba / Shinsaibashi, and Umeda, as well as historical points of interest such as Shitennoji and Osaka Castle. Here you will find not only tourist attractions and historic sites, but also leisure activities, and restaurant information.

Nearby Recommendation

Here are some places highly recommended by the hotel’s staff.

Washusohonzan Shitennoji Temple

Tennoji Ward, Osaka City
About a 5 minute walk from “Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka” Station on the Subway Tanimachi Line

A Buddhist temple built by Prince Shotoku more than 1400 years ago, Shitennoji Temple offers blessings such as peaceful death, healing, and prosperity in business. “Shoryoe Bugaku Dai Hoyo (Shoryoe Bugaku memorial service),” which is held on April 22 every year, is designated as an important intangible folk cultural asset of the country. On the 21st and 22nd of every month, people crowd the streets lined up with antiques and stalls.

Tennoji Nanasaka Tour

Tennoji Ward, Osaka City
JR “Tennoji” Station, “Shitennoji Mae Yuhigaoka” on the Subway Tanimachi Line

Tennoji Nanasaka on the west side of the Uemachi Plateau consists of the following seven slopes: Shingonzaka, Genshojizaka, Kuchinawazaka, Aizenzaka, Shimizuzaka, Tenjinzaka, and Osaka. Associated with Yukimura Sanada, the area holds a long history. The sunset from the stone-paved slope is gorgeous, and we recommend it as a walking course from the hotel.


Abeno Harukas

Abeno Ward, Osaka City
Subway JR “Tennoji” Station, Kintetsu “Abenobashi” Station

Standing at 985ft (300m) above the ground! Overlook the city of Osaka from the observation deck on the top floor of Japan’s tallest building, Harukas 300. You can also find department stores, hotels and museums nearby for all-day fun. Abeno Q's Mall, Tennoji MIO and Abechika are also adjacent to the building.


Shinsekai (Tsutenkaku)

Naniwa Ward, Osaka City
About a 3 minute walk from “Ebisucho” Station on the Hankai Tramway
About a 7 minute walk from “Dobutsuen-Mae” Station on the Midosuji subway line
About a 9 minute walk from “Shin-Imamiya” Station on the JR Nankai line

The symbol of Naniwa Ward is the "Eiffel Tower in Osaka." The area is famous for its observation deck that offers a gorgeous view of Osaka, as well as for the statue of Billiken, the god that gives you good luck when you stroke your foot. Shinsekai is filled with a nostalgic atmosphere typical to Osaka, including Janjan Yokocho, an area known for its kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meat) shops.

Tennoji Zoo, Tennoji Park

Tennoji Ward, Osaka City
About a 6 minute walk from "Doubutsuen-Mae" Station About a 10 minute walk from JR “Tennoji” Station

A zoo with a long history of 104th years, Tennoji Zoo is a place where you can meet around 1,000 animals in 200 species in the heart of the city. In the park, there are historic sites such as the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts, botanical greenhouse, Chausuyama burial mound, and Otsuka Castle, which are very popular among tourists. There is also Tenshiba, a spacious grass plaza surrounded by attractive cafes and restaurants.

Osaka New Kabuki-za / Uehonmachi YUFURA

Tennoji Ward, Osaka City
Kintetsu “Osaka Uehonmachi” Station

Directly connected to Kintetsu Osaka Uehonmachi station. The 1st to 5th floors are shopping zones, and the 6th to 8th floors are new Kabukiza commercial facilities. It holds monthly Kabuki shows, historical plays, singing performances, and Zacho performances which are very popular. Kintetsu Department Store, Hi Hi Town, and Osaka International Exchange Center are also adjacent to the building.

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City
About a 3 minute walk from “Sumiyoshi Taisha” Station on the Nankai Main Line, and about a 5 minute walk from “Sumiyoshi-Higashi” Station on the Nankai Koya Line, adjacent to “Sumiyoshi Torii Mae” Station on the Hankai Line

Enshrined in 1800 with more than 2,000 shrines all over Japan with the largest number of first-time worshipers in Osaka, Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is the chief shrine of all Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan. It is said that if you collect and keep the pebbles written "Go, Dai, Riki (Five, Great, and Power)," your wish will come true. We also recommend taking the tram from Tennoji Station.

Spa World - The world's hot springs

Naniwa Ward, Osaka City
JR Loop Line “Shin-Imamiya” Station, Subway Midosuji / Sakaisuji Line “Dobutsuen-Mae” Station

A 24-hour amusement facility with a hot-spring theme featuring 16 types of baths from 11 countries, as well as rock baths from 8 countries, and a pool equipped with a giant slide that landed in Japan for the first time. There are also restaurants, rest rooms, and souvenir shops. The area has been gathering serious attention, with Hoshinoya Resort opening soon.

Momodani Shopping Street

Tennoji-ku / Ikuno-ku, Osaka City
“Momodani” Station on the JR Loop Line

The shopping street in front of Momodani Station offers items with excellent value. “Nostalgic, rare, cheap, fun, and so on. It is really convenient because you can buy anything here. Do visit while taking a short walk!”. Supermarkets, 100 yen shops, Drug stores, bookstores line the streets.

Tsuruhashi / Korean Town

Tennoji Ward / Ikuno Ward, Osaka City
JR Loop Line “Momodani” Station / “Tsuruhashi” Station, Kintetsu “Tsuruhashi” Station

Tsuruhashi Korean Town is an area bustling with Korean yakiniku (BBQ) stores. The Korean markets are teeming with Korean specialty foods like kimchi, chili peppers, as well as Korean costumes, and general goods. There are also plenty of gourmet foods to be found, such as Korean pancakes, toppogi, and kimbap. We also recommend “Sora” yakiniku offal restaurant near the station, and “Fugetsu” okonomiyaki main store! Be sure also to check out the departure tune at JR Tsuruhashi Station!

Popular Tourist Destinations

Let us introduce you some of the recommended spots and latest sites in the Osaka and Kansai areas.

Osaka / Umeda (Kita) area

Umeda / Osaka Station

Kita Ward, Osaka
About a 10 minute walk from JR “Osaka" Station or Hankyu “Umeda" Station

Osaka / Umeda (Kita) area is one of Japan's leading downtown areas, with JR, Hankyu, Hanshin, and subway stations, as well as hotels, department stores, office buildings, and entertainment districts. The area around Umeda is called Kita.

Umeda Sky Building / Kuchu Teien Observatory

Kita Ward, Osaka City
About a 10 minute walk from JR “Osaka” Station or Hankyu “Umeda” Station

An aerial garden on the 40th floor of Umeda Sky Building. From the 35th floor to the 39th floor, there is a tube-type see-through escalator, and a roof corridor called "Sky Walk" with a 360-degree view that provides an open space where you can overlook the scenery while feeling the light and wind.


Kita Ward, Osaka City
About a 3 minute walk from Hankyu “Umeda” Station, and about a 4 minute walk from JR “Osaka” Station

A commercial complex with a distinct red ferris wheel on the roof. There are also many shops popular with young people. On sunny days, you can see Mt. Ikoma to Osaka Bay, and at night, you can see the beautiful night view of Osaka in front of you.

Nakanoshima / Kitahama area

Kita Ward, Osaka City
About a 1 minute walk from “Yodoyabashi” Station / “Kitahama” Station / “Higobashi” Station on the Midosuji Subway Line

“Suito / Osaka” is an oasis located in the heart of the city between Dojima River and Tosabori River. With nostalgic buildings such as the Osaka City Central Public Hall and Nakanoshima Library, the area is home to a rose garden as well as Nakanoshima Promenade, which show different faces every season. Meanwhile, the Nakanoshima River Cruise, where you can enjoy the gorgeous night view, and Kitahama—the famous battleground for cafes—are also our recommended items for your next date.

Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street

Kita Ward, Osaka City
Adjacent to Subway Sakaisuji Line “Ogimachi” Station, “Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome,” “Minami-Morimachi Station”, JR Osaka Loop Line “Temma Station”

A shopping district that is said to be the longest in Japan. There are about 800 stores such as cheap restaurants, sushi restaurants, cutlery shops, pottery shops, and pharmacies. It takes about 40 minutes to walk from one end to the other.

Osaka Tenmangu

Kita Ward, Osaka City
A 5 minute walk from “Minami Morimachi” Station on the Tanimachi Line / Sakaisuji Line, and a 5 minute walk from “Osaka Tenmangu” Station on the JR Tozai Line

People in Osaka call it "Tenman no Tenjin-san." Enshrining Sugawara no Michizane as the god of learning, the shrine is famous nationwide. Because of that, many exam takers come to pray for success. The Tenjin Festival, which is held on July 24th and 25th every year, is one of the three major festivals in Japan and Osaka.


Kita Ward, Osaka City
JR “Kitashinchi” Station, “Osaka” Station, and “Higashi-Umeda” Station on the Tanimachi subway line

A night town that represents Kita Ward with both new and old restaurants. The Sonezaki area refers to the area spanning from Higashi-Umeda to Ohatsutenjin. Various restaurants can be found in the neighborhood, and there are also old-fashioned shops with their own unique atmospheres.

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Kita Ward, Osaka City
A 7 minute walk from “Tenma” station on JR Osaka Loop Line

You can see townhouses faithfully reproduced with construction techniques dating back to the 1830s line up the streets. Experience the life of Osaka from that time, by going up to the tatami room and touching the furniture yourself. You can also try their kimono experience.

Namba / Shinsaibashi area

Dotonbori / Namba / Shinsaibashi / Ame Village

Chuo Ward, Osaka City
Subway Kintetsu, Nankai “Namba” Station

Dotonbori, famous for its large Glico sign board, is a representative downtown area of Minami, which offers gourmet foods like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, kushikatsu, and crab. Shinsaibashi Shopping Street has a sumptuous collection of department stores, specialty stores, and luxury brand stores. You can enjoy musicians performing at America Mura (Village), which has been leading youth culture.

Hozenji, Hozenji Yokocho

Chuo Ward, Osaka City
About a 5 minute walk from subway Midosuji Line, Sennichimae Line, Kintetsu Line, Nankai "Namba Station"

An area where you can feel the atmosphere of the good old days in the downtown area of Minami. In the elegant stone pavement streets, you can find long-established restaurants and bars on both sides. Hozenji is a temple of the Jodo sect that is famous for its Mizukake Fudo statue, covered in moss. Its blessings include prosperity in business and success in romantic relationships, and it is always crowded with worshipers.

Kuromon Market / Sennichimae Douguyasuji Shopping Street

Chuo Ward, Osaka City
Subway Sennichimae Line "Nihonbashi" Station

A large market known as the "Kitchen of Osaka," the area has more than 100 shops selling fresh meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits. It is also where chefs come to buy their ingredients, so the quality is guaranteed. Meanwhile, Sennichimae Douguyasuji Shopping Street is lined with specialty stores offering all kinds of cooking utensils and kitchen supplies.

Namba Grand Kagetsu

Chuo Ward, Osaka City
About a 3 minute walk from “Namba” Station on the subway Midosuji Line, Sennichimae Line, Kintetsu Line, Nankai Line

It is the headquarters of Japan’s most famous entertainment group, Yoshimoto. You can enjoy Manzai, Rakugo, and skits besides Yoshimoto Shinkigeki, which is shown every day. In addition to the famous eateries serving specialties like okonomiyaki and takoyaki, there is also a variety of official merchandise you can buy. Improve your sense of humor at the best theater in Japan!

Other Recommended Spots


Osaka Castle Park, Osaka Castle, Osaka Castle Hall

Chuo Ward, Osaka City
Get off at "Tenmabashi" / "Tanimachi 4-chome" Station on the Tanimachi subway line, "Morinomiya" / "Tanimachi 4-chome" Station on the subway Chuo line, or "Morinomiya" / "Osaka Castle Park" Station on the JR loop line

An urban oasis with a total area of 105.6 ha. There are plenty of spots where you can enjoy seasonal flowers such as Osaka Castle Tower and Nishinomaru Garden where you can be surrounded by about 300 cherry trees. Meanwhile, Osaka Castle Hall is the largest hall in western Japan, which hosts concerts by Johnny's and other popular idol groups. Osaka Castle is also known to have been built on the spot with the best feng shui.


Kyocera Dome Osaka

Nishi Ward, Osaka City
Subway Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line "Dome Mae" Station, JR Osaka Loop Line "Taisho" Station

Kyocera Dome holds concerts and events, as well as baseball games. The Dome Tour—which guides you through the bullpen and locker rooms that you can’t see normally—in the home ground of the ORIX Buffaloes is also very popular!


Universal Studios Japan

Konohana Ward, Osaka City
About a 5 minute walk from "Universal City" Station on the JR Sakurajima line (Yumesaki line)

The theme park "USJ" is a collection of world-class entertainment that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, offering exciting rides with Hollywood blockbuster themes and shows featuring super popular characters. Also, Nintendo World's Mario Kart attraction is set to open in 2020!


Kaiyukan / Tempozan Marketplace

Minato Ward, Osaka City
About a 5 minutes walk from “Osakako” Station on the subway Chuo Line

Kaiyukan is one of the world's largest aquariums located in Osaka. There are plenty of things to enjoy, such as the “New Experience Area,” where you can see, hear, smell and touch. There is also a large Ferris wheel with beautiful lights outside.

Tomb of Emperor Nintoku

Sakai City, Fujiidera City, Habikino City
Get off at JR “Mozu” Station

A staple in Japanese history textbooks, the Mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku (Daisen Mausoleum)—located in Sakai city—is one of the world's three largest tombs along with the Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt and the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Xi'an. The place is known to boost your overall luck when you visit.

Expo '70 Commemorative Park

Suita City
About a 7 minute walk from Osaka Monorail “Expo Memorial Park” Station

A vast park created using the site of the Osaka Expo. The park has beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, hydrangea in summer, and autumn leaves in fall. “Taiyo no Tou (Tower of the Sun),” created by artist Taro Okamoto, is also a must-see! Expo City, which also has a large Ferris wheel, is a large-scale complex with an aquarium, shops, cafes, and a food court.

Recommended spots to visit in the Kansai area

Kiyomizu Temple

Kyoto Prefecture Higashiyama Ward
10 minutes walk from Gojozaka or Kiyomizu bus stop

Kiyomizu Temple is a place admired by people all around the world. The scenery you can enjoy from the stage of Shimizu—about a 10 minute climb—is a true masterpiece! After visiting, we recommend taking a walk through the elegant cobblestone alley of Sanneizaka / Nineizaka to Hanamachi / Gion. There are many dessert shops, restaurants, and souvenir shops along the street to enliven your stroll along the way.

Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine

Get off at “Fushimi Inari” Station on the Keihan Main Line, “Inari” Station on the JR Nara Line

The mysterious atmosphere created by 1,000 torii gates has been attracting serious attention from all over the world! As the main shrine of all 30,000 Inari Shrines in Japan, it has been widely worshiped since the Inari god was enshrined in it in 711. Blessings include good harvest, and prosperous business. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes to traverse the 2.5-mile round trip full of slopes. We also suggest stopping by at a dessert shop or a souvenir shop in kimono.

Nara Park / Todaiji Temple

Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Take the Nara Kotsu Bus from Kintentsu “Nara” Station, and get off at “Todaiji-daibutsuden / Kokuritsu-hakbutsukan”

A city park with a total area of approximately 502.38 hectares, approximately 2.5 miles (4 km) east-west and 1.2 miles (2 km) north-south. It houses Kasugayama, Wakakusayama, Kofukuji Temple, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, and many other national treasures and World Heritage properties. The giant Buddha (Rushana Butsu) in Nara at Todaiji Temple—which was built by Emperor Shomu in 743—is especially worth seeing for its enormous size and graceful facial expression. They say going through the hole in the pillar next to the Great Buddha—which is the same size as the Great Buddha’s nose—brings you fortune.

Horyuji Temple

Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture
Take the Nara Kotsu Bus from JR “Horyuji” Station, and get off at “Horyuji Monzen”

Horyuji Temple was founded by Prince Shotoku about 1,400 years ago. Don’t forget to check out Kondo and the five-storied pagoda, which are considered to be the oldest existing wooden structures in the world. In addition, you can see many Buddhist statues and fittings made during the Asuka and Nara eras. Many of the buildings and artifacts have been designated as national treasures and important cultural properties.

Kobe Meriken Park

Chuo Ward, Kobe
JR Kobe Line “Sannomiya” Station

A town where you can experience the port city of Kobe while enjoying the pleasant sea breeze. The area is dotted with Kobe's famous landmarks such as Kobe Port Tower and Kobe Maritime Museum. Harborland’s night view is sure to leave a deep impression, and is famous as a romantic dating spot. We also recommend taking a walk to the nearby Kitano Ijinkan area.

Kobe Motomachi / Nankinmachi (Chinatown)

Chuo Ward, Kobe
JR Kobe Line “Sannomiya” Station

As the only Chinatown in the Kansai region, Nankinmachi boasts fun and colorful streets. In addition to Chinese food, general goods, and ingredients, you can check out many tourist attractions, such as the luxurious public toilet.

Restaurant Recommendations

For details, please feel free to contact our front desk.

Chinese Cuisine Kiran

Address: 7-29 Shinpoincho, Tennoji Ward

Chinese chefs create various dishes using carefully-selected ingredients! Kiran is a popular Chinese restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Chinese and Shanghainese cuisine. Their popular 1-person course meal can be enjoyed for 1,500 yen. You can also hold a party, make a reservation, and order take out.

Yamaga Soba

Address: 9-5-12 Uehonmachi, Tennoji Ward

A local-favorite soba udon restaurant. It has a wide variety of offerings including set meals and bowl meals. The udon noodles and soba noodles—served with Kansai's specialty soup stock—are so delicious and addictive, you will definitely want to come back!

Yakiniku Seoul Momodani Branch

Address: 1F 1-11-18 Dogashiba, Tennoji Ward

A Korean barbecue (yakiniku) restaurant with many regulars, this shop is where you can enjoy quality meat for a very reasonable price. The main store is in Namba. It is also easily accessible, located just a 2 minute walk from Momodani Station. People of all ages love to eat here. It is suitable for single customers, couples, as well as families.

Boulangerie Parigot

Address: 9-3-4 Uehonmachi, Tennoji Ward

Bakery run by Ryuzo Abe—Japan’s representative for the World of Bread competition—who is both the owner and chef. The shop is incredibly popular, and even appears in special bread-related events in Shinjuku Isetan. Pay a visit to this bakery lined with authentic French pastries to find your own favorite bread.

Brasserie Miel

Address: 4-2-17 Katsuyama, Tennoji Ward

As Osaka's famous “Authentic French” shop, the restaurant offers luxurious dishes made using truffles or foie gras, as well as fine fare made with fresh seasonal ingredients that you can enjoy casually. Rest assured, you will be coming back for the chef’s amazing food!